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DataSafe Prices and charges


While the prices we charge for our services will vary depending on the complexity of the tasks, we can give you a perfect example of not only the cost of using DataSafe but also the fantastic savings that can be made.


The following examples uses real-world prices and costs – the costs were gleaned from a survey carried out by independent consultants:

The True Cost of Photocopying
Many of us think “Photocopying? Around 10c per copy?”. The real case is far from that. There are many factors that we forget to take into account. Our research has revealed that the following example is far more representative of reality:

Operator's time 33.30 cents per copy
Lease or Purchase of Copier 5.00 cents per copy
Copier Residual Value 0.83 cents per copy
Paper (cost per print) 1.50 cents per copy
Service Charges 1.80 cents per copy
TOTAL COST PER COPY 42.43 cents per copy

The True Cost of Mail Outs
Now let's look at the cost of a mail-out of a single sheet of paper to 200 customers:

200 Stamps @ $0.36 - $0.50 $72.00 ($100.00)
200 Sheets of Paper $2.50
200 Envelopes $5.50
Laser Toner $1.00
Labour $22.00
Cost and Wear & Tear on Machinery $1.00
TOTAL ESTIMATED COST $104.00 ($132.00)

You can see from this example that to send out 200 pieces of single sheet mail will cost between $104.00 (if you are using clean bar coded mail) and $132.00 (if you are like most companies).

Now let's take the above example delivered via DataSafe:

Document Lodgement Fee $0.50
200 Email Notifications @ $0.10 each $20.00

That's a saving of $83.50 (about 79.80%) on just 200 pieces of mail!!

How many notices, letters, minutes, invoices and statement will you send out this year?

If you want to reduce costs, contact us now to arrange a no-cost, no-obligation demonstration of DataSafe.