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DataSafe is an online document management, storage and delivery system. Based on the KnowledgeTree EDMS system, DataSafe allows companies to store and manage their documents, both private and public, in a secure and organised manner. Version Management with DataSafe allows you to maintain as many historical copies of a document as you wish so that you never have to face the “what was changed in this document” dilemma again.

Document Delivery

A second, yet just as vital function of DataSafe is to provide companies with a means of giving their customers access to documents. Here are a few examples:

  1. A Strata Management company may need to send the same document to the owners of every unit in an apartment block. Rather than send out hundreds of printed documents, they can deposit a single document into DataSafe and have the system send out email notifications to all the owners. The owners can then access the document online – not just now but into the future.
  2. The customers of a Fire Safety Inspection company are asking for all their reports to be delivered electronically. Often emailed documents are mislaid or not received, but with DataSafe, the customer can download, print or just view their document as often as they like. It's always available!

How many times do your customers ring up and ask for another copy of an invoice that they have lost or a report that they have not received? Every telephone call means lost productivity – not just for the duration of the call but also to print the report or invoice
and then to post it out to the customer. With DataSafe's electronic document management the customer can “turn the computer around” and do it themselves.

How Does It Work?

It's simple as 1234!

  1. You upload a document into a particular folder
  2. The customer receives a notification email
  3. They click the link in the email
  4. They view the document

Access Data Safe from any computerEasy Access

With DataSafe, your customers can get access to their documents twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Not only that, but if the document in question is one that is constantly modified such as a budget, they can access all of the historical versions as well.

The Sky's The Limit

DataSafe is not limited to just a few types of documents. Absolutely every kind of document that you normally post to your customer can be sent through DataSafe: Invoices, Statements, Budgets, Reports – your imagination is the only limit.

Strong and Secure Document Delivery

DataSafe keeps your documents secure. Because of the way in which our security is implemented, your customers only get to see what you want them to see. Customer A never gets to see Customer B's documents. Even within a customer's area, you might want to provide a secure area for financial reports that should only be seen by the financial controller or the treasurer. No problem!

Aside from your customer's documents, if you maintain your internal company documents within DataSafe, only your staff get to see them. It's the easy, simple and secure way to share documents.

Getting Documents into DataSafe

While DataSafe can cater for just about any type of document, we recommend using Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) for documents being delivered to customer. PDF documents can be generated from just about any program from any operating system
(Microsoft Windows, Apple MAC, Linux) and for most systems, a pdf generator is available free – you just “Print to PDF” instead of a printer. If you're not sure, just ask; we're happy to advise. For existing documents, you can simply scan them to a PDF file.

If you have large documents or a lot of small documents, our Scan and Load service can help you out. Just give us a call and discuss your requirements with our experienced staff.